Privacy Policy

Effective date: 2/20/2016

The Privacy Policy of GoogleCashAdvance.Com (Best Installment Loans For Bad Credit) (hereinafter the “Company”, “us”, “we”, or “our”) to this website (hereinafter the “Site”) is elaborated to explain how the Company collects, uses and manages the information that you submit on the Site, what types of information you provide during the usage of the Site, and how this information is disclosed to the third parties that the Company is contracting with, including but not limited to independent third parties, such as third party lenders, advertisers in the Company’s network, independent companies or organizations with whom we have marketing relationship (collectively, “Third Party Marketers”).

Please, make sure you go through this Privacy Policy and agree with its provisions prior to using the Site and the Company’s services. Keep in mind that only the legal residents of the USA over 18 years old can use the services presented on the Site, and thus, fall under the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you access the Site via your computer, tablet, cell phone or other devices and register with our Site, you automatically agree to this Privacy Policy. If on the contrary you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, please, do not use the Site. We will provide you with contact details and instructions on how to delete your information from our databases if you decide to opt out from information sharing further on this page. If you have any question, request or enquiry concerning this Privacy Policy or other terms stated on the Site, please, do not hesitate to contact us via this email:

We reserve the right to make amendments and modify Privacy Policy at any time. For this reason, we strongly recommend you to review the Privacy Policy periodically to be aware of the ways we use and manage the information your share using the Site.

For our part, we take necessary precautions and use safe data collection tools and methods to provide privacy protection of your information, as well as secure processing, storage and transmission of your information.

If you opt to use this Site, you willingly and expressly accept that you have read, understand and agree with the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Responsible Lending Policy and Marketing Practices and confirm that you are a legal resident of the USA over 18 years old. If you do not agree with or do not understand the terms or policies, stated on the Site, you should cease the usage of the Site and its services.

Types of Information and Its Collection

The Site operates as a searching and matching service in order to help you find suitable loan offers from the lenders in our network. This is the reason why we need to collect, store and manage your information according to the provisions stated in this Privacy Policy. We divide the information we collect into 2 types: personal and non-personal information.

Personal Information

By personal information we mean your personal and contact details, including but not limited to your first and last names, the date of birth, contact information (telephone, mail and home addresses, zip, email address, Social Security number, bank account details, financial and employment information, and driver’s license number), which you provide during registration. This information is your unique identification details required to provide you with the services, presented by the Site. For this reason if you do not require any service from the Site or refuse to cooperate with the Company, you shouldn’t present your personal information in any way on the Site.

Non-Personal Information

By non-personal information we mean the tracks of your activity on the Site, including but not limited to your IP address, visit time and date, OS and browser type, Internet service provider, the tracks of other web pages you visited during or along the usage of the Site, domain name of the site you used to link to the Site, as well as particular browsing features of your visit, such as the amount of time you stayed on certain pages, returning habits, clickstream details, language, time zone and location specifications etc. In order to collect your non-personal information and track your online activity habits we can use “cookie” technology, web beacons, pixel tags, browser analysis tools and web server logs.

Cookies, either temporary or permanent, are small files, which access your computer when you visit the Site and help us recognize you as a user. These files are stored on your computer and help us and the third parties we officially work with to create and maintain your unique profile to tailor online services to your requirements, recognize you as a return visitor, organize the terms to provide you with better browsing experience and detect fraud upon suspicion. Cookie preferences are adjustable in your browser, so you can request your browser to allow cookies or close access to your computer. Additionally, you can manually delete all the cookies from your computer at your own discretion. Keep in mind that cookie deletion can cause troubles with access to some websites, certain features or services. You can learn more about cookies on and

Pixel tags and web beacons help to upgrade marketing activities and analyze the effectiveness of certain promotions. These small graphic images generate the information about your online behavior (for example, the URLs of the websites you visited before getting to the Site), while you open our emails or advertisements. You can learn more about web beacons at

Other forms of non-personal information, such as browser type, IP address, Internet service provider details etc. are also used to analyze and research online behavior to upgrade service level and rise the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

We reserve the right to combine non-personal information we collect with the other information we collect and store.

The Use of Your Information

We use the information we collect from you to:

1) process and analyze your application;

2) provide you with the primary service presented on the Site and match you with one or more lenders from our network according to the details you provide in your application;

3) monitor and analyze the way you use the Site and its services;

4) provide your security and privacy protection, as well as the security of the Site, the Company and the third parties the Company contracts with;

5) assure the compliance with the Terms of Use and other terms stated on the Site;

6) contact with you and provide you with updates and other important information regarding the Site, its services and policies;

7) provide you with the offers from the lenders in our network according to the details provided by you during the application;

8) promote legitimate cooperation with you by means of agreement during the registration on the Site.

If you submit your information, you agree that third party lenders the Company contracts with can perform certain verifications, including credit checks. The lenders from our network can use your information to verify your Social Security number, driver’s license or any other identification parameter and review it against national databases to determine credibility and financial standing. Keep in mind that credit verifications against credit bureaus (including major bureaus Equifax, Transunion and Experian) may influence your credit score.

Keep in mind that non-personal information is shared regardless of your registration status or submission of any personal information on the Site. Apart from that, we reserve our right to transmit non-personal information to the third parties we officially work with at our sole discretion. These third party companies and individuals in no way can share your information with other third parties or use your information for any other purpose not stated in this Privacy Policy.

We can use non-personal information for analytic and research purposes in order to upgrade the usability of the Site, service level, technical support, and adjust the Site and customize its services to your consumer requirements, as well as provide security and protect your privacy from alleged fraud or other malicious activity or use for other purposes permitted by applicable law. Additionally, by using your non-personal information we facilitate your access to the products you have expressed your interest in using the Site. Before using your non-personal information, we receive your authorization. It’s possible that we share your non-personal information with consumer reporting and other related agencies.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree that your information may be shared with the Third Party Marketers the Company officially works with according to this Privacy Policy. Both the Company and/or Third Party Marketers can use your details to contact you for direct marketing purposes (using direct mail, email, telemarketing calls and short messages, online banner advertisements), including but not limited to in the form of email and telemarketing calls, relying on the analyses of your non-personal information. The telephone number you provide (including cell phone number) can be used to make calls offering assistance to your loan inquiries, or other credit products or services which appeared the matter of your interest according to your requests (notwithstanding that your number(s) may be listed in a corporate, state, federal or similar Do-Not-Contact registries).

When you register on the Site, you accept the fact that your request and registration are seen as an intent to make a purchase. Your inquire processing and application aligns with the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule, 16 CFR §310 et seq. (the “ATSR”). For this reason, even though your telephone number is listed on the Federal Trade Commission’s Do-Not-Call List, you accepted and authorized us to contact you via telemarketing in accordance with the ATSR. In addition, when you request the service of the Site or require the information from a Third Party Marketer or other related media and provide your information, you accept that your inquire is considered an attempt of a purchase. For this reason, it’s possible that according to the rules of ATSR the respective Third Party Marketer can contact you via telemarketing means.

Considering the volume of our network of lenders and the number of Third Party Marketers, you understand that you may get promotions from the entities, which products and/or services you didn’t use before. Keep in mind that the use of your information by Third Party Marketers aligns with their own privacy policies.

If you want to opt out from receiving any information from Third Party Marketers, send any enquiry or decide to eliminate your information from their lists, please, contact them directly using their contact details provided on their websites.

Disclosure of Your Information

When you provide your information on the Site, you agree to receive notifications, disclosures and documents from the Company or Third Party Marketers in electronic form or online in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you haven’t provided your information yet and disagree with this provision, either close your browser or exit the Site. If you have already provided your information, you can opt out contacting Third Party Marketers directly, however, you understand that opt-out request delivery may be performed later than any notifications, disclosures or documents are sent to you. These notifications, disclosures or documents carry the value of “documents in writing”, so you should print a copy for your records. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act is applied to:

1) your consent to receive notifications, disclosures and documents electronically;

2) the information provided by you;

3) the ability of the Company and Third Party Marketers to conduct business with you using electronic means.

Keep in mind, that both the Company and Third Party Marketers may at their sole discretion terminate the providing of electronic notifications and documents upon prior notice sent to you as required by law. Both the Company and Third Party Marketers preserve their right to destroy the original versions of electronic notifications and documents when the period for storage designated by regulatory requirements expires. At the same time, the Company may retain your information for as long as needed to provide you with services.

We reserve the right at our own discretion to disclose any or all your information if it’s legally required, as well as provide the information to authorized governmental entities upon request, or if we consider in good faith necessary to:

1) correspond to legal requirements or comply with legal processes;

2) protect rights or property of the Company or its partners;

3) act for the purpose of preventing crime or protecting national security; or

4) secure and protect the personal safety of our users or the public as a whole.

Your Privacy Protection

If you want to limit or close some or all of your information from sharing with the Company or its partners, you can refuse to visit the Site completely, use IP changing technology, adjust your browser preferences or avoid clicking on advertisements or links.

DO-NOT-TRACK DISCLOSURE: The industry-standard Do-Not-Track protocol has not been established up to this moment. For this reason, the means the Company exploits to collect and manage information are aligned with the terms stated in the Privacy Policy despite any “Do-Not-Track” signals, which certain browsers may send. Still, if you wish to opt out of certain services from Third Party Marketers, you can go to If you decide to refuse further communication with the Company or/and Third Party Marketers, you can use the instructions in the messages you do not want to receive, which will show you how to opt our step by step or use unsubscribe links where applicable.


Company keeps your information safe under high-end security system so that to shield it from unauthorized access from malicious programs and provide only accurate maintenance and usage, protect against the loss, inappropriate usage and alteration of the information under our control.

Your information is in no way subject to be used publically (unless the opposite is required by law) and the access to the information you provide is limited to the authorized employees of the Company and its partners. The use is limited strictly to preform specific functions within the premises of the office only. All the employees who have access to your information uphold security and privacy to the extent reasonably possible. In case any unfortunate occasion happens and any employee fails to adhere to our policies, he or she is subject to disciplinary actions.

Nevertheless, the Company can’t guarantee complete security and prevention of the computers and other devices of the Company to be subjected to violations or other illegal intervention as much as the stored data to be stolen or otherwise inappropriately used. In such cases, the Company can’t carry responsibility for the actions beyond its control. You can request your information to be erased or altered from the Company’s databases as detailed above.

In case any security violation takes place, we are to inform you regarding the state of your information in compliance with applicable federal and state laws. Apart from that, Third Party Marketers are contractually responsible for protecting your information to the extent reasonably possible.

Information from Children

Considering the services of the Site are available only for the residents of the USA over 18 years old, the Company doesn’t collect any information from the users under eighteen (18) years old and deletes any information alleged to be received from children under eighteen (18) years old.

Considering we do not receive any information of the kind, we do not store or manage any data about children, nor do we share it with third parties. This Privacy Policy was designed in order to comply with the Children’s Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”).

Third Party Websites

It’s possible that the Site contains the links to third party websites, which are regulated by their own privacy policies and other terms. Apart from the links to the Third Party Marketers, the Site may contain the links to other external websites, which are regulated by their own privacy policies. We strongly recommend all the users to review these policies prior to providing any information on these websites. The Company undertakes no responsibility concerning the activities or practices of these external websites, nevertheless we encourage all our partners to adhere to the Best Practices. For any information on their policies or practices or with any enquiry or request, please, contact these websites directly.

Privacy Policy in Different States

The practices and activities of the Company are subject to the regulations and acts of the states and locations corresponding individual cases of interaction between the Site and its users. According to the regulations of some states, we may have to disclose the identity of some parties we are sharing your non-personal information with or disclose the types of personal information subject to sharing. The residents of such states to whom it may concern should request the Company individually to have this information disclosed using the contact details stated on the Site. The Company reserves its right not to respond to the requests sent to the irrelevant contact details.

Modifications and Amendments

The Company reserves its exclusive right to modify Privacy Policy and/or Company’s services without prior notice at any time. The fact of modifications will be reflected via the effective date stated above. If you continue using the Site and the services, you automatically agree to these modifications. For this reason, we recommend to check the effective date and Policy frequently to be informed of the changes. If you disagree to any changes, please, stop using the Site or the Company’s services.

Inquiries and Complains Regarding Privacy Policy

The Company takes necessary security measures to provide safety and privacy of your information. You are in exclusive control over the information you provide and share with us and can request the modification of your personal information at any time and as often as required. You can request to delete your information from our databases completely or partially at any time by contacting us using any of the stated contact details. Keep in mind, that applicable law or fraud investigation processes may require to withheld or exempt your information from deletion. For any requests, concerns or enquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, please, contact us directly via email